Mary Rubert

Fernley, NV – Mary Rubert (Marie), 91, of Fernley, Nevada Passed February 10th 2020 in Fernley. She was born in Hamilton, Canada on October 28th 1928 as the daughter of Corradetti & Angellina Corradetti.

Mary had one brother, Ray Corradetti; and one sister, Claire Unbar.
She was a resident of Canada until she married (Frank Rubert), her husband of 55 years. She had six children : Mark, Phillip, Dennis, Madeline, Randy and Kieth. Mary was a grandmother to Charlie Butler and Zack Butler and a great grandmother to Brooks Butler.

She loved music and singing and worked with Reno Nevada University Drama Department. Mary enjoyed her grandchildren and encouraged them into acting and singing. She loved living in the country and volunteering for community singing events.

Mary was a long time resident of Fernley NV. Mary enjoyed traveling to Northern Nevada towns and took interest in community development and small town changes.

Mom said that she is the only lady that ever said no to dating Frank Sinatra. Mary was a stay at home company commander mother and raised 6 kids while Dad worked two jobs. Mom told me once “ Dennis if your friends are about to do something wrong, tell them that you are going to
get a drink of water then do not come back.”

Mom was born during the depression in 1928, to which she could be stern at times but gentle when needed. When my oldest brother Mark went
to serve in Vietnam, I remembered mom crying when he got on the bus.
Mom really enjoyed her only daughter Madeline. They would do the girl stuff together including Girl Scouts and attending a theater group “Reno Little Theater” Madeline sang the song “Somewhere Over the Rainbow”. She often said that her sons Phillip, Randy, and Keith were the
quiet ones and for that she was happy.

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