Linda Strittmatter Van Ost

Linda Strittmatter Van Ost

North Tustin, CA

Linda Strittmatter Van Ost, age 69, of North Tustin, California, passed away on February 21, 2024.  Born on November 17, 1954, in Cleveland, Ohio, she was raised in Cleveland Heights, Ohio. 

For 30 years, Linda was the President of Rehab 90, the Rehabilitation Professionals, and Return to Work Solutions.  She and her husband Lanse developed the business and supervised over 45 employees providing statewide vocational services to employers.

She graduated from the University of Illinois at Chicago, Phi Beta Kappa, with a degree in economics. 

Most of all:  Linda was an amazing mother. 

She was a remarkable woman who embraced six of us in our twenties, seamlessly weaving herself into the fabric of our lives with an incomparable warmth. Her presence soon became irreplaceable, embodying the very essence of love, patience, and kindness. As a grandmother, her boundless love enriched our lives with gentle lessons and moments of pure joy. Her spirit, a profound testament to the depth of her love and the breadth of her kindness, has left an indelible mark on our hearts. She illuminated the beauty of chosen bonds and the limitless capacity of the human heart to love and nurture. Her legacy, characterized by unwavering kindness and gentle grace, remains a beacon of light, guiding us to emulate the gentle yet strong woman she was.

Linda fell in love in Lanse.  He fell in love with her.  Linda embodied maternal love, care, and compassion. What was truly remarkable is that her love for him extended to his SIX children and their grandchildren regardless of the circumstances. She approached ALL of Lanse’s children and grandchildren with open arms and an open heart offering whatever they needed, shelter, food, love, help with math, etc.  😊   She is a beacon to all the Van Ost kids, a true north star.  We are exceptionally lucky that she fell in love with Lanse and US, and she will always be a part of who we are.       

Linda is survived by her beloved husband, Lanse Van Ost, and their dogs, Teddy and Lilly, who are still waiting for her to return. 

Other than the dogs, the pride and joy of her life was their children and grandchildren:   Jeffery Van Dover and his sons, Brandon and Darin; Jeremy Van Ost; Stacy Vanost Davis and her husband, Dustin, and their children Grace, Micah, Dekker, and Evelyn;  Alicia Van Ost Talsma and her husband, Noah, and their children Tyler and Jennalee; Lisa Shirley and her husband, Steve, and their children, Kyle and Quinn; and Steve Jacobson and his wife Kristen and their children, Jordyn and Gannon.  

Linda will also be greatly missed by her best friend and sister, Marsha Clive and her husband, Wayne along with her niece and nephews: Jeri Alten and her daughters, Madilynn and Morgan; John Cliive and his wife, Yolanda and their children Alina, Kaden and Sofia: Corey Clive and his wife Katie and their children Kali, Cami, Keegan and Kendall: Kevin Clive and his wife Ashley and their children Charlie & Stella.

She was preceded in death by her beloved parents Charles W. Strittmatter (2012) and Ruth Gaines Strittmatter (2017).   And Eddie, her first love, and Misty and Cali Party Girl, who gave her much joy and aggravation at work every day.

Donations in her honor should be sent to ASPCA:

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