Amsterdam, NY – Dorothy Green March 21, 1966 — December 12, 2022
The world lost a beloved mother, Dorothy Green, on December 12, 2022. Dorothy has battled the woes of this earth, but always kept her strong personality.
She has 7 sisters and 2 brothers and is survived by her five daughters Danielle Green, Shavonne Green, Atyana Green, Janiya Green and Alanah Green and her 7 grandkids, who made up the entirety of her world.

She was born in Lakeland, FL on March 21, 1966 and has devoted her life to her children loving, guiding and teaching them.

Dorothy loved music of all kind. She was the go-to person when you needed music suggestions (and often insisted) being the DJ at family get togethers and functions.

She had a bold personality and was the life of the room wherever she went. She was both loving and stern and she knew exactly what to say when you had a troubled mind, even if it wasn’t what you wanted to hear, it would be what you needed to hear.

She would call her daughters – Her 5 Queens – So we leave this poem here in her honor.

When we look in the sky
At the clouds, the sun, the moon and stars
We would find comfort
Because we know thats where you are
Unique is the only word to describe you
Original is not big enough to explain
How blessed we are to be raise by you
Although tears are falling now
We find comfort in knowing
Your happiness is now everlasting
Smile things are going to get easier we can hear you say
We will all be together again one day
We live on finding peace in your unconditional
Everlasting love
We love you dawg.
Love Forever Your 5 Queens