Billy O’Toole

Staten Island, NY – Billy O’Toole was larger than life. Always fun to be around and made everyone he met feel like they were family.

Billy O'Toole

Born in Park Slope Brooklyn NY on August 30, 1970 to Barbara O’Toole and William Sheehan. He was a Union Carpenter by trade but in the last days of his life were spent in front of a camera. As a cast member of the Families of the mafia.

Bill was an avid motorcycle rider and graffiti artist with the tag of Billy Cast.  He was an animal lover spending many years rescuing dogs of the bully breeds . Everywhere he went was a party and he left you always wanting more. Billy also was a New York State chaplain volunteering many hours to veterans in need. In memory of his late father Willian Sheehan who was a veteran of the Korean War.

He passed suddenly July 14, 2019 at home. He is survived by his wife Renee O’Toole and seven children Matthew O’Toole, Joseph O’Toole, Taylor O’Toole, Lyric Antonio, William O’Toole, Michael O’Toole and Laila O’Toole. He also has four grandchildren Joie O’Toole, Dominic O’Toole, Asaiah Antonio and Jovani O’Toole. He is loved and missed dearly by all.

Billy O'Toole

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  1. Staci Reply

    I didn’t know you and you didn’t know me there was something about you that reminded me of someone like maybe we had known one another in a world or something I hope your family has peace in their hearts and for you mob luv RIP cast

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