Ballard Delmar Blackburn

Houston, TX –– Ballard Delmar Blackburn, age 75, passed away on March 6, 2019. He died unexpectedly from heart surgery complications at the Memorial Heart & Vascular Institute in Houston, Texas. He was Born on June 22, 1943 in Wonder, Kentucky to Delmar and Ann Blackburn.

Ballard married Debra (Erdman) in Crookston, MN on December 7th, 1968.

Ballard Delmar Blackburn

Ballard Delmar Blackburn is survived by his Children – Steve and Tonya Blackburn of Grand Forks, ND, Scott and Nikki Blackburn of Spring, TX and Kevin and Shelly Blackburn of Cary, NC; Grandchildren -Samantha, Josh, Skylar, Madelyn, Guen, Chase, and Crystal; Great-Grandchildren – Paisley, Mikaila and Jameson.

Ballard wanted to serve his Country. He enlisted himself in the Air Force in 1965. During his time in the Air Force, he was stationed in Taiwan. While in Taiwan he was assigned many Temporary Duty Yonder (TDY) that sent him to Philippines, Guam and three times to Vietnam. He valued the opportunity to serve his Country.

What we remember the most about Ballard…his favorite sports were Fishing, Hunting and Golf. He loved seeing his three Boys hit the rink and play Hockey in MN (The State of Hockey). Grandchildren and Great-Grandchildren were a part of every conversation you would have with Ballard, and they truly gave him joy. But where would you find Ballard every day? You would undoubtedly see him playing World of Warcraft right beside his favorite quest teammate, his wife, Deb. Many times he would joke that he was the oldest gamer in WOW. Ballard was so proud of his Country and proud to be a Veteran of the United States Air Force.

A Memorial Service with Military Burial Honors will be held at the Houston National Cemetery on Monday, March 11, at 9:30 am.

In lieu of flowers, please donate to The Fisher House Foundation. This Foundation is an international not-for-profit organization established to improve the quality of life for members of the military, retirees, Veterans and their families. 

3 thoughts on “Ballard Delmar Blackburn

  1. Coco Reply

    Baldy I am going to miss “seeing” you every night in WoW and you showing me your new armor or new pet for your hunter. I’m going to miss you laughing at me when I would fall off stuff and forget to use something to save myself. I’m going to miss you making me laugh so hard I would cry. Most of all I will miss you “secretly” telling me how much you love and need Tokket (Deb). I loved you telling me about you sons and grandchildren and how proud you are of them. Heaven has gained an angel but our world is lonelier without you.

  2. Shelly Blackburn Reply

    Fond Memory of Dad Blackburn – When Kevin and I lived in southern MN, I traveled frequently for work. I had to drive 2 hrs min one way . For those that know Mn in the winter understand how crazy it can be driving in the snow. So I would stay at Deb and Steve’s (Ballard) on my way to the airport or home. The funny, and oh so sweet, part of this story was that I had traveled for Cisco and other companies for 20 years while living in MN so I was a very experienced traveler but Dad didn’t think twice about that. If I had an early flight, Dad “Steve “ (Ballard) would knock on my door at 3am and say “Shelly, Shelly do you have an alarm set?” He was always so sweet and thoughtful. And concerned for me. I would smile, even at 3a, and say yes I do!! He would go out and start my car or even drive me to make sure I was taken care of.

    We exchanged messages on Wednesday night before his surgery. We told each other we loved one another! So glad he knew how much he was loved!

  3. Scott Reply

    Almost been a year. Hope you are looking down on me and the girls. We all miss you so much. Crystal still asks about you.

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