AnnaMarie DeStefano

Basking Ridge, NJ  – AnnaMarie Destefano, 34, of Westfield, passed away on August 24th, 2019. She suffered from Aplastic Anemia, a very advanced case. She was undergoing experimental treatments. After visiting a friend, Anna came back and started treatments right away. However, she died from heart failure after attempts to resuscitate her failed. She also suffered from Endometriosis and a hemorrhaging disorder.

AnnaMarie Destefano

AnnaMarie DeStefano was born September 29, 1984, the daughter of Diane and Gus DeStefano. She attended many schools, and excelled at them all.

1. Westfield High School 1996-1999
2. Muhlenberg College 1999-2003
3. Stanford School of Medicine 2003-2007
4. UMDMJ 2007-2009
Anna was an exceptional student. She skipped 3 grades. 2 during Elementary School and 1 during High School
Anna was accepted into the prestigious Stanford School of Medicine in their Nurse Practitioner program. She then completed her Masters of Nursing Sciences at UMDMJ. Anna graduated with high honors from every school attended.

AnnaMarie Destefano

Anna met her former husband Brian At Muhlenberg College in 1999. They were married in 2009, and divorced in 2019. She had a serious partner, Todd Carlson, from Columbus Ohio. Survivors are as follows: Gus DeStefano her father
Diane Marie DeStefano her mother
along with two children
Jackson age 6
Carmella age 9
and also Jeanette Rotella age 90 – maternal grandmother.

Anna was predeceased by her great Aunt Carmella and her Grandfather
Gustavo Rotella.

AnnaMarie Destefano

Anna was an exceptional Geriatric Nurse Pracitioner. Her patients cared for her deeply. She commanded much respect and was loved in all areas she covered. Over the last 10 years of practice she developed an impeccable reputation in the Heathcare Community.
She had rights at 6 area hospitals and often times spent nights alongside her patients. She refused to leave them until they were stable.

AnnaMarie Destefano also was an accomplished musician. She played 7 instruments and gifted in several areas of music. She was in the Prestigious New Jersey State Orchestra for 4 years. As well as the New Jersey State Symphonic Orchestra and State choir.

She also was an exceptional dancer, and considered an expert in many areas of dance. She was awarded several first place trophies for ballroom dancing with her partner John Jackson. They specialized in Tango, Salsa and Rumba. She was also a beloved coach of the Glamorous Girl Squad, a hip hop team. They were state champions two years in a row.

Funeral Details

Funeral Details have not been set as of now. However to maintain her privacy her family will contacting family and friends with the information personally. The Family suggests making donations to The American Heart Association in AnnaMarie’s name.